Join us on our journey...

Here we are.
We've been looking forward to this for a long, long time.
I remember as a teenager, saying, "I want to go to Africa and be a missionary. And I want to help a doctor go to Africa and be a missionary, because I know they need doctors, but I don't want to BE a doctor."
I remember talking to Seth on a hot July afternoon almost eleven years ago, when he said, "I'm thinking of being a doctor so I can help people. Like, maybe as a missionary. Maybe overseas."
I thought, "Is it him? Am I supposed to work with him?"
We were engaged 10 months later, and a year after that we were married.
The fact that we had found each other encouraged us and confirmed God's calling in our hearts. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but we knew we needed to follow wherever He was leading us, together.
After years of pre-med, med school, and residency... after moving four times and having four children... after praying, worrying, and wondering if we could make it...
Here we are.
We are ready to start on our journey overseas.
Thanks to World Medical Mission's Post Residency Program, we hope to soon go as a family to Togo in West Africa as full-time, long-term medical missionaries.
But, before we can do that, Seth and I would like to go on a short-term trip to Togo this May. We will be going through World Medical Mission's short-term mission trip program, and we will be working at the same hospital that we will be working at in the long-term with the post residency program, the Karolyn Kempton Memorial Hospital (or Hopital Baptiste Biblique to the locals).
We are looking for people to pray for us and to support us financially as we enter this new and exciting stage of our journey! If you would like to donate toward our upcoming mission trip, please go to and type "mallay" in the field under "Support a Missionary Doctor" to donate to our account through World Medical Mission.
We are so excited!
Please join us on our journey.
~ Becca


  1. I love your new blog! We prayed for you guys at our prayer meeting tonight in Togo. We're all so excited about your survey trip and even more excited about your commitment with the PRP! I can't wait until we get to work and serve together next year!

  2. Thanks, Kristi! It's great to know we are being prayed for. We are praying for all of you at HBB, as well!