Prayer Card Time!

Everyone knows you're not a real missionary if you don't have a prayer card.

Obviously, we jest, but the good folks at World Medical Mission generously offered to make a prayer card for us if we sent them a family photo, so off we went to the local photographer.
Now, taking a family photo can be tricky when you have four small children (which explains why we haven't taken a decent family photo in about five years).

Usually, at least one person won't look at the camera.

Okay, no one was looking at the camera in this one.

Then, someone doesn't like the way she was told to sit, and decides to glare at the camera instead.
If looks could kill...

But finally, we got one that turned out all right, and here is the final result:

We recently mailed these out to several of our friends and family, but if you have not yet received one and want one, please shoot us an e-mail at with your current mailing address.

A big thank-you to Expressions Photography and Design for the photos and World Medical Mission for the prayer cards.

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