Missionary Doctor: A saint goes home

A missionary surgeon in Togo has died after fighting malaria, typhoid fever, and possibly an unidentified disease. Even when I was young, I have felt the loss of others as if my own. I did not personally know this man, but I have felt the grief of his family and of those in Togo who worked with him. Beyond that, I think that my wife and I realized anew the danger and risk of mission work. Yet, in the same instant that I was tempted to fear for the lives and safety of my family, I also remembered seeing sorrow and loss back home. As a physician, I would see illness, loss, and despair in Michigan as much as anywhere (although the diseases were usually different). I recognized again that my family or I could become sick or die tragically at home, and I realized that I would much rather face tragedy in obedience to God in Togo than at home where the loss would be for nothing. The loss of this faithful man has increased my resolve to go and serve.

Pray for Togo and those who labor there. The work is always abundant, but now is a time when they have one less man while they are also grieving his loss. Pray for the surgeon’s wife and children. Pray that God would be glorified.

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