Prayer Letter May/June 2020

Dear friends, family, and prayer partners,

Greetings to you in these days, these days which belong to the Lord. How blessed we are to be invited to commune with the Lord of hosts despite our unworthy state. He has graciously prepared a feast for His children, even in front of our enemies. The Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of our praise and adoration, and this remains true no matter what is taking place around us in the world. How exciting that we have the opportunity to rise up in Jesus’ name and practice obedience despite all that opposes us.

The world is full of fear, as it has often been throughout history, but God’s children continue to worship the Lord and serve Him! Here in Michigan, we have been under mandated lockdown for a couple of months, and even my medical position has been put on hold. We have spent our extra time catching up on some reading/school and spring cleaning. As we look forward to having more flexibility to move and meet with people, our plans for the summer include some required training in Harrisburg, PA, beginning to pack a container to ship overseas, and increasing our monthly funding. We continue to aim for a departure at the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

With recent restrictions in place, we did have to cancel a number of engagements and our fundraising has slowed. We currently have 61% of our monthly need met. As your churches begin to open or become more active, consider asking your pastor about having us come to address your church. We are ready when you are. For those of you who have considered partnering with us but have not yet, now is a good time as we begin to take a realistic look at how soon we might be able to return to our work in Togo. To all those who faithfully continue to support us, a warm thank you to you.

Our oldest daughter, Arwen, continues to live in good general health. Her most recent scans showed stable disease (no change) which is actually good news considering she is not on any curative treatment. We thank you all for your continued prayers for Arwen and our whole family.

The hospital in Togo is continuing to operate despite increased limitations. Travel to the country for the short-term has been halted and there have been no regular medical volunteers. This has left the long-term missionaries short-staffed. We are eager to return to help with the continued work in Togo as soon as the Lord allows us. Please do consider joining with us and helping us to fund our ministry.

May the Lord truly, richly bless you. May you see His hand at work in your lives and in the world around you. He is present and worthy of our trust. Trust Him.

Seth, Becca, Arwen, Caspian, Elora, Gwynevere, Irene, and Kalmar

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